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Kana Cummings

Kana Cummings

HBS 2+2 Admit

"EarlyAdmit was most helpful for offering insights specific to the deferred MBA admissions process. Because all of the coaches have gone through the application process themselves, both the free and paid resources that EarlyAdmit offers have important information and advice that is hard to find anywhere else! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Devon."

Carolyn Lidster

Carolyn Lidster

Darden Future Year Scholars Admit | LinkedIn BLP

"My coach, Jake, was incredible in sharing his knowledge, connecting me with others, and providing the insight I needed throughout the process. I didn’t know many people who had gone through this process so Jake helped me navigate many of the hurdles I faced. It is evident that EA builds lasting relationships and cares about clients on a personal level. I always felt so supported and like I had a constant mentor, coach, and friend. I’ve already recommended EA to others interested in the deferred MBA application process!"

Isabella Cardona Barber

Isabella Cardona Barber

HBS 2+2; Wharton Moelis Admit

"The coaches at EA are very experienced at helping carve stories out of a diverse set of backgrounds. In my case, I was coming from an international upbringing, a technical heavy education and battling personal health issues. Ziad helped me align my past experiences, short term and long term goals to highlight in my application why the MBA was the perfect fit for me and how I would use it to make an impact in the biopharma space."

Demetrius Johnson

Demetrius Johnson

Wharton Moelis; Chicago Booth Scholars; CBS Admit

"EarlyAdmit was notable in the fact that they genuinely care about each client. I was only a text or phone call away from my coach, Devon, if I needed any application help, advice, or just to kick it and talk. EA builds relationships that last beyond the application process. In addition, their expertise working with disadvantage and underrepresented students made it comfortable for me when crafting my story. In addition, the interview prep made the actual interviews a breeze! I’m forever indebted to EarlyAdmit."

Frederick Nelthrope

Frederick Nelthrope

HBS 2+2 Admit | Bain Consulting

"EarlyAdmit helped me lay out all the different decisions I've made and the causes/passions that matter most to me into a highly cohesive story for my applications. The help that EarlyAdmit and Devon provided me during the application process was truly priceless."

Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran

Darden Future Year Scholars Admit | ZS Associates

  1. "EarlyAdmit gave me an understanding of how the admission process works from scratch. Jake really helped me structure my interview preparation strategy from his personal experiences due to which I was able to ace my interview. There aren't any guides available on the internet that were really specific to the aspirants trying for the Deferred MBA Programs which was a really big challenge for me. The Resume Guide and Interview Preparation Guide (the one specific to Darden) gave me a brief idea on the resume formats to use and the type of questions they would ask in the interview."


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