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Wharton Moelis Advance Access – TBD Mock Interview


Congratulations on receiving an invite to interview at Wharton! What to expect? You will receive a Virtual Team-Based Discussion and a one-on-one interview with a member of the Wharton MBA Admissions Office.

The notorious Wharton Team-Based Discussion (TBD) provides you with the opportunity to interact with four or five fellow MBA applicants in a live team setting. The prompt will be sent out several days prior to the interview and you will have time to prepare before meeting with your randomly assigned group members and the interviewer.

As a way to help you prepare for your interview, we are bringing together 4-5 individuals in our network who have either been invited to interview this cycle or who have successfully completed the TBD to help you get used to the format and delivery of what to expect in the real deal.


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