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As application deadlines approach, the pressure continues to build and build. Many students have questions about the process and don’t know where to find answers. In fact, this can create doubt, that many students end up withdrawing from the entire process. So what resources exist for those applying to the deferred MBA programs? 


First and foremost, here at EarlyAdmit, our mission is to help students in this arduous process. With over 20 coaches and acceptances to all the top programs, we are equipped to help you with any questions you may have in the process. Our coaches are from all over the world with unique experiences and diversity. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started. 

Consultants obviously have their purpose. If you pay money, you should expect value. But be careful when paying for overly expensive consultants. Increased prices doesn’t always mean increased value. Here at EarlyAdmit, we believe in helping all students and especially URM applicants, which is why we ensure extremely competitive prices. 

A consultant of some kind is a great place for students to go to get help on their applications. You wouldn’t seek out the advice of a doctor to help you invest in the stock market. Similarly, you should seek out help on your deferred application from those who have gone through the process. A great consultant can offer help in many ways such as essay reviews and brainstorming, interview preparation, resume reviews, and increased confidence. 


While in the application process, it is so helpful to have someone who either already went through the process or someone who is currently attending the school of your choice. Finding these people on LinkedIn or through other connections you have will be vital. Networking in this manner offers you a few key advantages:

Learn the culture of the school

Having regular connects with someone at the school you are hoping to go to will help you understand that school’s culture, which will in turn help you tailor your application for a specific school. 

Build a relationship with someone already affiliated with the school

Having a positive relationship with someone at the school you want to attend will do nothing but help you. Though that relationship may never influence an admissions decision directly, it does more for you as you build a strong application. 

Gain insights into the application process from someone who found success in it

As you discuss the application process with a former or current admit, they may share insights that help you tailor your application in ways you hadn’t thought about before. As an example, one of our founders was able to receive a resume template that is the template used by a specific school. He was then able to submit his application with a resume that was already in a friendly and known format for the admissions committee. 


Clear Admit’s livewire is an awesome tool that allows you to interact with those in the process of applying. Students are constantly sharing test scores, application updates, and answers to questions. This platform allows students from all over the world to connect and share their experiences as they apply for various programs. 

Please note that it is easy to let the scores of others intimidate you. Keep in mind that the test scores are only one component of the application. Admission committees take a holistic view when making decisions. A lower test score does not mean you cannot achieve acceptance. In fact, a few of our coaches here at EarlyAdmit did not achieve the score they were hoping for. Having a strong essay can easily make up for a lower test score. 


Reddit is a massive discussion forum application. It can certainly be a time waster, but it also has the opportunity to be an incredible resource to you. Reddit can serve as a safe space to get questions answered through an anonymous medium. Ask any question you want without feeling like it’s a bad question. The trick is to find a relevant subreddit and post your questions there. 

Due to the popularity and anonymity of Reddit, you will also receive answers that are sometimes wrong. You will need to be sure to take the answers you receive with a grain of salt. 


Tony Robbins famously said that “Success leaves clues.” Your peers in this process are going through the same steps you are, and they are learning tips and tricks along the way. It will be incredibly helpful to connect with others. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your peers are your competition, but they could also be future classmates. Any questions you are having are probably similar questions others are having. 

We’d also encourage you to help others as they have questions. As you share your wealth of knowledge, you will find that your personal growth will be augmented as well.

Remain Positive!

As you move through the application process, remember to keep a positive attitude. The process is difficult, as it should be. Remember that deferred MBA application resources exist and that you should utilize them. Apart from the resources mentioned above, it’s also helpful to pay attention to various blog such as the EarlyAdmit blog, Poets and Quants, ClearAdmit, and the blogs for the actual school like Harvard and Stanford. You will often find helpful insights by keeping up to date with recent articles. 

People who achieve success are rarely alone! Bearing the weight and pressure alone is not necessary. Reach out to us or schedule an appointment to learn more about the process. 

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