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EarlyAdmit is excited to announce our partnership with Analyst Prep. For the past 12 months, our customers have increasinlgy requested EarlyAdmit to recommend testing options and preparation services. It has even been suggested that EarlyAdmit stand up our own testing preparation platform. While many of our coaches have scored above a 95th percentile on the standardized exam, many of them do not have formal training with respect to instructing others to improve their scores on the exam. Our firm believes it is a fundamentally different skill set to teach than it is to sit for an exam and perform well. EarlyAdmit has defined our circle of competence in admissions and career preparation, and we will not choose to go beyond those boundaries. 

As a result, we have spent the past 12 months conducting major due diligence on organizations that offer testing services in order to figure out which firms would best align with our mission. Analyst Prep was hands down THE BEST! The company aligned with EarlyAdmit both from an affordability and a quality standpoint.

About Analyst Prep:

AnalystPrep is a revolutionary, ultra-modern learning platform that came into being in 2014. Their mission is to spread financial knowledge through a combination of innovative learning technology and futuristic study tools. They believe that through knowledge and discipline, success is within reach for all of us.

At the core of their foundation is a group of professionals with decades of experience in the financial industry. Their instructors understand what it takes to prepare for exams and how to pass them. All our products are repeatedly curated to ensure you get the most out of our platform.

GMAT Course Overview:

AnalystPrep’s question bank has been developed by professors with decades of experience teaching GMAT® content who know what it takes to maximize your score on all of the exam’s unique sections. Each question is regularly validated to ensure that you get the best possible results from our learning platform.

Preparing for the GMAT means knowing what to expect during the actual test and familiarizing yourself with the types of questions you can encounter. At AnalystPrep, they adopt the exact question structure as the actual exam for quantitative, verbal, and even integrated reasoning questions. The items consist of a stem (question, statement, and/or table) and multiple answer choices.

Their question bank is divided into specific topics—the same topics as for the video lessons—to help you attain an all-around understanding of the curriculum. Every question is accompanied by a detailed solution, and in the event that you’d like some clarification on a specific concept, our instructors are reachable round the clock.

All practice questions are adjusted regularly over time to be consistent with the current curriculum and difficulty level. Join the thousands of candidates who register yearly on our platform.

GMAT Offerings:

- 40+ hours of video course training

- Affordable, EarlyAdmit discounted pricing of $49.99

- 12 month access (no recurring bill)

- Unlimited customizable quizzes

- Performance tracking tools

- Unlimited Ask-a-tutor questions


As of today, Analyst Prep does not offer GRE courses and resources, however, the management team is currently in the process of developing curriculum for the GRE. We hope that within the next 6 months the GRE option will be available for our customers. Please stay tuned.

Whether you are a deferred MBA applicant or a full-time MBA applicant, this course will be applicable to you as you navigate the standardized testing requirement. How can you sign up and take advantage of the discounted $49.99? Use this link: GMAT® Complete Course offered by AnalystPrep - AnalystPrep

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