Custom Mentorship Package

The most popular product at EarlyAdmit is the Custom Mentorship Package (CMP). This package provides highly effective resources to Deferred MBA candidates at an affordable price. These resources and strategies help applicants secure admission to their dream school(s). While we proudly offer a product that has unlimited appointments, we recognize that this product has limited availability – given the time and energy coaches spend with each of their CMP clients, coaches at EarlyAdmit only have the ability to work with a limited number of clients each cycle. This product is highly competitive, so if you are interested in working with EarlyAdmit please sign up here. Our mission is to move away from an hourly model and focus on the success of the client. Our coaches are dedicated to understanding you authentically, creating a winning strategy, and defining your unique story for each school.

If you are applying to the 2023-2024 Deferred MBA application cycle, please sign up here.

Over the last 2 application cycles, we’ve helped 260+ clients with a 72% success rate (while sustaining an open door policy). We have a 91% success rate when helping clients applying via the traditional MBA application process. Harvard Business School 2+2 has an 8.2% acceptance rate, Wharton Moelis Advance Access has a 19.4% acceptance rate, and Stanford GSB has a 5.0% acceptance rate. EarlyAdmit has 5x+ better odds than applying alone.

2020-2021 EA Success Rate
2021-2022 EA Success Rate
HBS 2+2 Acceptance Rate
HBS 2+2 Acceptance Rate

We Are A Team Of Success Stories Ourselves

We have not only helped our clients receive admission to HBS, Stanford GSB, Kellogg Future Leaders, Wharton, Columbia, MIT Sloan, Booth, and more – we have also been admitted to these programs ourselves.

What You Receive

In addition to unlimited time spent with your coach, CMP clients will also receive access to the following services and materials (a $300+ value):

  • Deferred MBA Strategy Guide (plus The International Advantage Guide)
  • 50+ Successful Deferred MBA Essays
  • Deferred MBA Resume Guide
  • GMAT Guide
  • Letter of Recommendation Guide
  • Interview Guides
  • Goal Development
  • School Target Exercise + Application Strategy
  • Essay Framework + Editing
  • Resume Optimization
  • Letter of Recommendation Strategy
  • Mock Interview Preparation

How It Works

Every coach and client relationship varies, but here are general guidelines of what you can expect. Time spent with your coach may come in the form of emails, calls, and texts. You will also have access to a flexible payment terms. EarlyAdmit has seven core modules.

  1. Select your top three coaches and we will work to match you based on your coaching preferences.
  2. Meet with your coach and create a set of expectations. We will also supply you with an onboarding workbook for critical reflection.
  3. Begin by completing the Client Onboarding Workbook and work with your coach to create a holistic application strategy.
  4. Essays – The essays are the most important part to your Deferred MBA application and the brainstorming process should be highly introspective. We will equip you with 25 thought-provoking questions to help you begin the reflection, brainstorming, and writing processes.
    • Your coach will help you write a captivating and memorable story through descriptiveness and creativity.
    • Your coach will help you narrate a clear and central message.
    • Your coach will help you create a cohesive essay with the rest of your application.
    • Your coach will help you exude personality and authenticity.
    • Your coach will help you tease out vulnerability and/or personal growth.
  5. Resume Review
    • Your coach will provide extensive detail on how to craft a powerful resume for your Deferred MBA application(s), including how it should differ from a traditional full-time recruitment resume. You will also receive 10+ example resumes that were successful in applications to M7 and other top 10 MBA programs.
  6. Letter of Recommendation – Your recommenders can act as a valuable resource in the application process.
    • You will receive an example of a recommendation to HBS.
    • Your coach will help you create a methodology to select the strongest recommenders.
    • Your coach will help you create a powerful strategy and outline to send to your recommenders.
    • Your coach will help you guide your recommender in many ways including customizing their interactions to what MBA schools look for and focus on certain characteristics and traits that you hope to reaffirm or fill in gaps in your application.
  7. Interview Prep – When you receive an invitation to interview, we will supply you with program-specific interview guides and conduct mock interviews to prepare you for the interview. Clients may choose to book appointments with additional coaches for interview preparation.


Customer Reviews

Our Custom Mentorship Package has helped over 200 Deferred MBA Applicants receive admission to the top 10 MBA programs. We have a 5-star review from our clients. If you would like to view more client testimonials, you can read them here.